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Hi, I’m Kathy. Welcome to my ShipShape®  Blog!

You may know me as a former colleague, a friend, a fellow member of Nexus, or a neighbor in Rhode Island. I’m also a mom to two totally amazing women, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and more. I anchor myself in these roles as I embark on my newest adventure! Today, I can proudly introduce myself as the founder of ShipShape, where I’m providing fitness for the mind and body through personal coaching, group classes, and Thai massage.

I’m here because I’m passionate about supporting women in improving their quality of life.

As women, we tend to care and focus on everyone and everything else: our kids, our parents, our work, while we often neglect our own self-care. My goal is to help people discover (or rediscover) the importance of being mentally and physically fit and prioritizing fitness into their day.

“Fitness doesn’t take time, it makes time.”

I get it, prioritizing fitness with so many other demands on our time can seem counter-intuitive. But know this: for myself and my clients, taking time for personal fitness actually makes time for all other commitments. When I make time for my personal fitness I feel stronger, more alert and focused, and more resilient to manage whatever comes my way.

At age 57, I reflect back over the past 35 years and what I accomplished while juggling my job and home responsibilities. I attribute my success to making wellness a priority throughout my journey.

Fitness is part of who I am

I’ve always had a passion for betterment, long before my professional days. I still get waves of that invigorating feeling when I was a young gymnast of striving for a perfect 10 and nailing the dismount. Later, it’s what drew me to soccer, rugby, and triathlons. That same passion has carried me through exciting and fulfilling career adventures, and lead me exactly to where I stand today.

My career path guided me here

I built my first business, Pro Health, to impact the lives of individuals at work through physical activity. My clients and I found ways to weave fitness into their workdays to ensure success on the job and at home.

Later, in my operational role at Preventure, I learned to bring CANI (Continuous and Never-ending Improvement) to ensure excellence and efficiency in everything I do. These CANI principles impact my life still today: I use and teach time-saving methods that produce high quality results.

Flash forward to now, and I’ve launched ShipShape® to further my vision of fitness as a holistic, permeating agent of positive change.

My vision for ShipShape®

I’m a true believer in the power of fitness to build character, strength, and balance in all facets of life. Recently, I’ve been gifted with the opportunity to get back to my passion of working directly with individuals and witnessing their progress firsthand. I support my clients in the discovery and joys of fitness, engage with them in the experience of change, celebrate their success and have fun!

I’ll be sharing more of my vision with you in posts to come, along with actionable advice! You’ll learn how to fit in fitness at work, choose nutritious meals that fuel and energize you, and learn balancing principles to help you stay at the top of your game - in life and at work.

I hope you’ll join me again here on the ShipShape® blog. Happy Sailing!

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