Setting the Foundation for Your Well-being in 2019

When you’re considering making lifestyle changes to improve wellness, it helps to have a basic set of knowledge about the body, mind, and behavior.

Getting healthier isn’t as easy as flipping a switch to a new way of living and a motivated mindset. It takes a little preparation to build up your wellness education. That’s empowering! Knowing the ins and outs of wellness means you have the knowledge, tools, and strategies to turn motivation into results.

This is why I start my client sessions and my corporate workshops by setting the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. For people committing or re-committing to wellness, learning these basics is essential to living a more energetic, nutritious, fit, and confident life.

Here, I’ll give you an overview of my Building Blocks of Wellness: Weight Management, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep and Stress Management. Each impacts overall well-being and is a key part of building a healthy lifestyle.

1. Weight Management

Do you know if you’re at a healthy weight?

While many people put an emphasis on the numbers on the scale, there are other trackable measures that can help determine if a person is underweight, normal, overweight or obese. If you’re looking to assess your own health, it’s helpful to start with BMI and Waist Circumference.

If you’re not where you’d like to be, don’t worry! Achieving a healthy BMI or weight loss isn’t about going on a restrictive diet and eliminating food groups; it’s about balance! Learning about sustainable ways to manage your weight can make a lifestyle change easier.

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2. Nutrition

Do you know your calorie needs and monitor your food intake?

Your body has a set amount of calories that it needs to maintain itself, plus sustain the activities you do every day. Once you educate yourself on your food intake, choosing nutrient-dense foods and reasonable portions becomes even easier.

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3. Physical Activity

Do you know how many calories you’re burning through physical activity (or how much you should)?

It’s important to get the recommended amount of activity each week and to vary the style of exercise you do. Physical activity supports a healthy heart and lungs, plus helps you build up your muscles and be more flexible. You’ll feel so much better once you have a plan to move more!

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4. Sleep

Are you aware of your sleep habits, and have you set a personal goal for sleep?

Sleep is a key part of health and well-being that should not be overlooked. You should feel proud about making sleep a priority.

There’s much more to sleep than meets the eye. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep has a big impact. It’s associated with not just minor issues like increased accidents and errors, but also emotional, mental, and physical symptoms, obesity, relationship issues, and an increased risk for heart attack and disease.

Set a goal to catch some more zzz’s. Your mind and body need them!

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5. Stress

Do you have a personal action plan to manage stress?

Everyone experiences stress, like when we feel that things are out of our control. We all have it, but why we feel it, how we feel it, and how we cope with it can vary. Stress doesn’t just impact the mind. Like sleep, it can wreak havoc on productivity, relationships, and is even associated with a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. It’s important to learn how to recognize and manage stress to keep a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Always remember to be aware of your reactions to stress and learn ways to measure and manage it. You don’t have to live with the ebb and flow of stress. You can create an action plan to become more stress-resilient.

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There is so much more to learn about each Building Block of Wellness. Mastering your Weight Management, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep and Stress Management requires a plan, commitment, and practice. If you’re interested in Setting a Foundation for Wellness and want your own personalized plan for one or more of these building blocks, I’m here to help you build it.

Let’s set a foundation for a happier, healthier you in 2019!

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