Click  here  to contact me about Corporate Wellness Fairs

Click here to contact me about Corporate Wellness Fairs

ShipShape Corporate Services

I personally believe that an individual’s success in meeting their personal and professional goals is directly related to their mental and physical well being. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, self-efficacy and social support are attributes of workplace excellence that also align with personal well being.

My unique talents lie in helping small to medium sized businesses provide wellness programs and tools to improve the quality of life of their biggest asset - their people.

  1. Increase Employee Engagement, leading to higher productivity, reduced turnover, increased sales, and higher profit.

  2. Reduce workplace stress. Move from a traditional culture to one that embraces and supports personal self-care through mindfulness and movement.

  3. Build a Health Conscious Culture. Create an environment that fosters resilience, and stimulates growth and health in the work culture and the work environment.

corporate package - building and nurturing a culture of self-care

  • Workshop: Setting the Foundation - the Building Blocks of Wellness

  • Workshop: Move It! Take Time to Make Time

  • Workshop: Your Breath - the Key to Your Body’s Potential

  • Workshop: Mindfulness Meditation

  • Program: Yoga - Building Your Practice

  • Program: On-site Thai Massage (2 hour session)

  • Program: YogaStrength (8 week session)

Workshops are customized to fit client culture, expectations, industry and size.

Please contact me for further details and pricing.