Fitness for the mind and body

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Need to build or regain strength, flexibility or consistency with your personal fitness plan? Fill your sails with this ultimate fitness coaching package: customized one-on-one personal training for the body and mind. Set your course and be rigged with skills to last a lifetime!



Feeling a bit off course? Steady your sea legs with one-on-one or group exercise sessions to energize your mind and body. We will incorporate traditional calisthenics, body weight exercises, interval training, and yoga for a full bow-to-stern workout. You choose the coordinates, I’ll bring the fitness with a splash of fun.

MY Thai

Experience a wave of relaxation with a stress-relieving My Thai massage session. Thai Massage soothes stiff, overworked muscles and tight, underworked muscles with slow movements and gentle, yoga-like stretching, relieving tension through rhythmic rocking and acupressure.  Let out the lines and refill your sails with your personal My Thai experience. You’ll get ahead feeling aligned, relaxed, and renewed.


About Me

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When your busy life gives you whitewater to navigate, ShipShape™ is your vessel to calm waters and sunshine. I inspire women to find fun in getting shipshape - training your mind and sculpting your body. With my 35 years at the helm in the health and fitness industry, I can empower you with strategies to accomplish your most exciting fitness goals. I truly believe when your compass is balanced, everyone around you aligns.

- Kathy Webster, Founder of ShipShape™